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  • Dr Reddys Laboratories Ltd is looking for Quality Control Associate to join our dynamic team and embark on a rewarding career journey
  • A Quality Control Professional is responsible for ensuring that products or services meet established quality standards and customer expectations
  • They play a vital role in maintaining and improving the quality of products, processes, and systems within an organization
  • The specific job duties may vary depending on the industry and organization, but here are some common responsibilities:Quality Assurance: Develop and implement quality control procedures and policies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • This involves creating quality control plans, conducting risk assessments, and establishing quality metrics
  • Inspection and Testing: Perform inspections, tests, and sampling procedures to assess product quality and identify any deviations from standards
  • This may include visual inspections, measurements, functional testing, and other specialized techniques
  • They analyze test data and generate reports to document findings
  • Process Improvement: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify areas for process improvement
  • They participate in root cause analysis investigations to determine the underlying causes of quality issues and implement corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence
  • Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate and detailed records of quality control activities, test results, and other relevant documentation
  • They prepare quality reports, summaries, and presentations to communicate findings to management and stakeholders
  • Training and Compliance: Provide training and guidance to employees on quality control procedures, standards, and best practices
  • They ensure that employees understand and follow quality guidelines and regulatory requirements
  • They also monitor compliance with internal quality policies and external regulations
  • Supplier Quality Management: Collaborate with suppliers to establish quality requirements and monitor supplier performance
  • They conduct supplier audits, evaluate incoming materials or components, and address any quality issues with suppliers
  • Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and regulatory changes related to quality control
  • They actively seek opportunities for continuous improvement and implement new methodologies or tools to enhance quality control processes
  • Skills and Qualifications:Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as engineering, quality management, or a related discipline
  • A master’s degree may be preferred for higher-level positions
  • Strong knowledge of quality control principles, methodologies, and tools (e g, Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control, Lean Manufacturing)
  • Familiarity with quality management systems (e g, ISO 9001) and regulatory requirements applicable to the industry
  • Experience in performing inspections, tests, and data analysis using various quality tools and techniques
  • Excellent attention to detail and analytical skills to identify trends, patterns, and quality issues
  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities to address quality concerns and implement effective solutions
  • Effective communication skills to collaborate with cross-functional teams, suppliers, and customers
  • Proficiency in using quality control software, data analysis tools, and computer applications
  • Knowledge of relevant industry standards and best practices
  • Familiarity with auditing principles and practices
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks in a fast-paced environment


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Job Category: Quality Control
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bangalore Remote

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